Her name is Marvetta.

This singer/songwriter is creative, original and so passionate about her music and her life.

Through her music, she speaks of her hopes, dreams and struggles. She invites the listener to take a musical adventure with her.

Marvetta grew up in the small town of Bluefield, WV, home of the legendary Stylistics.

Bored with her life and eager to share her voice with the world. She made a wish that would change her life. One day, she looked up a perfect, night sky and simply asked for what she wanted.

“I was going through a lot of hell at that time in my life. It was a real mess. There was a lot of drama at home, and things were not getting any better. So I went outside looked up at the sky and asked God to get me out of Bluefield and let me sing and travel all over Europe. At the time, I really didn’t think anything would happen.”  But Marvetta’s wish came true. Several months later, she would find herself in Europe, singing and touring all over with the United States Army Band & Chorus in Europe.

“After 4 years of being on the road and singing for a long list of political who‘s who. I decided to return back to the U.S and get my education. I earned a couple of degrees, only to land jobs that really didn‘t make me happy. I was working my butt off and not getting anywhere. After I paid all my bills, I was broke and I was tired.” One day, I was at work, and this melody came to me and it just got stuck in my head. It weighed on my mind. I would find myself singing this song as I worked, and when I found enough courage to finally quit my dead end job, I walked out the door singing the song.

That’s how I ended up writing a song called Money Money. I was feeling the pain, the frustration and despair of a single-mom, and I knew had to write about it. I wanted to write a song for all the people who were losing their homes, losing their dreams, and bleeding deeply from the wallet.

My music is about empowering people. It’s rather spiritual in a way. It’s about living your dreams and recognizing who you are.” Her music also embodies glamour, passion and romance. That is the true signature of Marvetta.

Marvetta credits writer Iyanla Vanzant for inspiring her. “Some years ago, I met Iyanla and I told her that I really really wanted to sing, and I explained to her that not using my talent was driving me insane. Iyanla smiled and responded, ‘So sing. What‘s stopping you?’ “The truth is I was stopping myself, making a ton of excuses and standing in my own way. I was giving up my life and on my dreams. I realized that it was up to me to make my dreams a reality.”

Right now there is nothing stopping Marvetta. She is on a quest to make all her musical dreams come true. “ I want people to know that dreams do come true, if you are willing to work hard and never give up on them. I want people to know that as long as you are living and breathing you have a purpose in life. When God wakes you up, he is invitingyou to life and giving you all the permission you need to chase your dreams.”

Marvetta’s first album is entitled The Beginning of Me. It is available on itunes. Her hot new dance single Stalk U (c-rok rok couture remix) is available on itunes.